Mārtiņš Krūklis

More than 25 years of experience in advertising, has worked with „Delta Marketings“, „Base Baltic“, Dizaina Darbnīca“, „Hansa Media“, „McĀbols“, „McCann Riga“, „Mooz!“, TV channels – TV5, LTV1, architect offices -“DepoProjekts”, “GrafX”, “Layout’17”, print and publishing companies – „Pētergailis“, „Jumava“, „Zvaigzne ABC“, „Valters&Rapa“, „Kala raksti“, „Vox Ecclesiae“.

Estonian Art museum prize (12-th Tallinn Graphic Art triennial, 2001), several prizes for book design „Gada Balva Grāmatniecībā“.

Kārlis Freibergs

Purposeful, precise, in-depth development-oriented and
a creative approach to any issue. Using a scientific approach – exact and humanitarian, to analyze situations and to find solutions. Personally convinced that the common good and social responsibility in future societies will be essential. Believes that anyone can contribute to it.

Klaudio Rivera

Associate professor at RTU Riga Business School and director of the Bachelor’s program. Visiting Lecturer, Shanghai Business School. Head of Education, Foreign Investors Council. Co-founder of “GoBeyond” and Agenskalns Student Hotel. Claudio is the author and co-author of five books. He has been very active in newspapers and scholarly publications. To date Claudio has participated in projects, led lectures and seminars in over 30 countries.


One of the books has been published in Latvian: “Panākumu virsotnē”, Zvaigzne ABC.

Artūrs Banga

More than 10 years of experience in freelance graphics design and web design and project management. More than 3 years of experience in business, brand strategy and planning.

Nation wide culture event planning – Baznīcu Nakts (Night of churches) and European pilgrimage of trust 2017 “Taize Riga” – organizing and visual communication.